Thursday, 21 August 2014

Today I Walked Through A Rainbow

The walk from the train station back home is not any special walk, takes about 15 minutes average walking speed, 10 if you power walk. Sometimes you have to dodge drunk looking ladies pushing a trolley full of alcohol or scary school girls who judge your every move. But apart from that, there's nothing interesting about it.

Not today.

Today I was amazed, flabbergasted, completely awestruck as I walked home- more specifically, as I walked THROUGH A RAINBOW.  To put things into perspective, it's not like I've never seen a rainbow before. In fact, for the past couple of days there have been many rainbows as a result of the constant drizzle of rain accompanied by the sun. But it's not everyday you get to see the full rainbow. Like the whole arch- from one end to the other, not obscured by any buildings or trees, just the entire seven coloured mind-boggling unicorn-vomit rainbow right in front of you and you have the privilege to just stand in the middle of the street and gaze at it in wonder! Around me, several pedestrians also stopped, a mother looked up and glanced at her daughter who was mesmerised by the view, a jogger paused to snap a few pics of the sky.

Pictures would not be able to replicate what it looked like. I tried to take some photos too but none of them could capture that sense of wonder I felt when I saw it. I sincerely hope you all get to walk through a rainbow one day, or at least see it in its complete form- it will most definitely leave you stunned.

Yeah I haven't posted anything since forever but meh.